Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management

Acadment - Academic Enrichment

Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management is designed to cover the courses ranging from providing domain knowledge of the healthcare system in India, core management functions to the current practices and advancements in healthcare management through competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage the healthcare organisations.

The program is designed to develop business acumen, leadership skills and stimulate entrepreneurial instincts among the candidates.

Medicinal Services Chief | Doctor’s Facility Executive | Pharmaceutical Venture Director | Human Services Administrator | Hospital Planning Adviser | Hospital Consultant and Quality Assurance Executive | Healthcare Management Executive | Associate/Assistant Professor in a medical college | Health Administrator | Internal Corporate Analyst | Health Care Provider | Ambulatory Clinic Manager | Chief Nursing Officer | Hospital Administrator | Health Policy Analyst | Healthcare Operations Manager


Graduate or equivalent


2 Years



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Acadment - Academic Enrichment
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